1. This year, we offer you a concentrated festival comprising, almost entirely, of original productions that will flood the imagination with additional, possible realities. A festival that curates reality through meticulously produced artworks, expands your mind and also tries, wherever possible, to influence that reality in return. During the three weeks of Mekudeshet 2018—and actually at any given moment—we try to go back to our roots, to the spring or the heart of the city, and to call on everyone who believes—no matter what—to come to Jerusalem, to come find what is sacred for them, to come in peace.

    Tongues of Fire

How to Plan Your Visit


The heart, the purpose, the laboratory

Jerusalem is the essence of Mekudeshet. The inspiration and the creation. The star and the set. The dream and the reality. Her beauty is hypnotizing and her ugliness never escapes us. For us, Jerusalem is above all, a state of mind. At every moment, we try to touch her sacredness and her daily reality. Her challenges and her difficulties. Her latent potential and the open wound that gapes within her.


Inspiration, creativity, imagination

We create original, multi-disciplinary art in Jerusalem, for Jerusalem and from Jerusalem. Art that emerges from the city’s daily life. We believe in the magical power of art to dissolve boundaries, to touch the heart and mind simultaneously, and to influence reality. Art allows us to draw inspiration from the city, to facilitate meetings, connections and ideas that seem practically impossible, and to inspire the city and its residents in return.

+ people

Diversity, innovation, openness

In Jerusalem, encountering "the other" is an intrinsic part of day-to-day reality, engaging with difference is a fact of life, and the need to share the city is almost inevitable. In Jerusalem, we find an inspiring concentration of individuals who are able to preserve their own identities while at the same time dissolve boundaries to expand common ground for all and spearhead meaningful social change. The Open people of Jerusalem are our tribe—and they derive from every religion, ethnicity and gender.


Jerusalem-inspired creativity