Mekudeshet Team 2021

Our team reflects the range of Jerusalem’s communities, giving us deep and organic connections to the ground. While we ascribe to disparate opinions and ideologies, we work to better understand one another every day, to discuss differences honestly and in good faith, and to see our diversity as inspiration and raw material for new creations. We are united by a passion for art and Jerusalem. 

Naomi Bloch Fortis: Executive Director

Karen Brunwasser: Chief Strategy Officer

Malki Amir Danon: Director of Festival Mekudeshet

Emmanuel Witzthum: Head of creative development

David Kosher, Ayelet Givoni, Subhi Dajani: Producers

Saar Gamzo: Digital and New Media

Gil Rouvio: Director of Communications and Artistic Contributor

Kim Weiss: Communications Team and Foreign Language Editor

Leah kotin: Fundraising and International Relations

Gili Dror Amit: Coordinator: JLM Muse 

Riman Barakat: Collaborations with East Jerusalem and the Palestinian Community

Raya Hallak: Project Coordinator, East Jerusalem Department

Zuhdi Najeeb: Head of Media, East Jerusalem Department

Sarah Oren: CFO

Yaffa Melamed: Bookkeeper and Box Office Manger

Sa'ar Plinner: Legal Counsel 

 Mira Ann Beinart: PR