Why do we do what we do where we do what we do? (Or in short, what’s our agenda in eight short sentences)

  1. We love Jerusalem. It’s our home, our inspiration, our motivation, and the dream to which we aspire.
  2. We understand that everything in this city is complicated. One person’s liberation is another person’s subjugation. One person’s self-expression is liable to arouse existential fear in someone else.
  3. We are aware that Jerusalem is far from being perfect or just. This is not new and it is difficult to rectify, but we believe we have the right and the obligation to try to make things better.
  4. Our aspiration is for all residents of Jerusalem--Israelis, Palestinians, Christians, Jews, Muslims, religious and secular--to enjoy basic rights, including the right to self-definition and equality.
  5. We would like anybody who cares about this city to have the chance to love it, to be connected to it and feel that they belong to it in their own way, their own language, their own faith, and on condition that they respect the rights of others.
  6. We are convinced that art can trailblaze new paths and create points of connection between ideas and communities that are theoretically disconnected.
  7. We are committed to free and open creativity, as well as to a diversity of perspectives and opinions. 
  8. We believe that art can open hearts and bring about positive change in the city that is sacred to us all.