Spiritual Intent | Gathering | Receptiveness

Wednesday | May 5 | 6:00 pm | Gabriel Sherover Promenade | Jerusalem

This is an open invitation to anyone who believes in the human spirit, seeks out the good, and fights for justice. In the Wind invites you to step into the here and now. To join us on the lush, green slopes of the Gabriel Sherover promenade for a participatory, musical ceremony, to become a community, recite a contemporary prayer, bless and be blessed, and carve out a new space to envision the future.

In the Wind will launch Tzomet Lev, a series of multi-disciplinary, cultural events on the promenade, which will unfold over 16 weeks from now until the end of August.

We ask that you write or create a personal prayer, thought or wish (which we will record and turn into a new artwork). Please choose your words carefully and craft something that feels right for you.

Entrance is free but requires advanced registration. To register, click here

  • Creator and Director: Maya Buenos
  • Musical Director: Itamar Doari