A sound work for listeners/wanderers on the Gabriel Sherover promenade

We are delighted to invite you to Voice in the Wind, a digital project created by Mekudeshet.  

All of the works participating in the project are in the clouds, or to be more precise, digital space in your smartphone. The creations are site-specific and interact with the promenade’s public, geographical and personal space. Four works are placed along the pathways, and you can experience as many of them as you like through your phone.

What you see now is just part of a much bigger project, and we are very happy that you decided to be part of it.

So how does it work?

Voice in the Wind is a site-specific artwork, so please join us at FeelBeit, 4 Naomi st., Jerusalem. Your phone will take it from there. 

We strongly recommend you come with a fully charged phone (or an additional portable battery), some good earphones for lengthy listening, comfortable shoes, a small water bottle, a hat for warm weather and a jacket and scarf to take the chill off Jerusalem’s cold winter weather or crisp summer evenings.

Upon arrival, we will greet you at FeelBeit, and then you can set off for your journey on the promenade. After finishing, we'd like you to come back to the starting point and to fill out a short questionnaire about your experience before we part, for now. 

The complete project will be launched in April 2022—definitely something to look forward to!