A burst of spirit and sound on the Sherover Promenade

Our lights are on and our doors are open. In our reality there is room for everyone, people who insist on being together and a place for inspiration that frees the mind. Every Wednesday, from 4:30 until after the sun sets, Feel Beit invites you to an afternoon and evening of art and creativity, music and meetings, drinks and nourishment for the soul.

Wednesdays in Tzomet Lev—this is what is waiting for you on the Sherover Promenade »

4:30-7:30 pm »


Spa On Wheels 

✧ Meital Raz, Keren Dembinsky ✧

It’s hot outside. To keep you cool, to make sure that the heat is not too oppressive and to stop the sun from spoiling your experience, we have drafted Spa On Wheels—a well-stocked, mobile refresher that will take the edge off the heat. 


✦ Bell Grove ✦

✧ Alon Peretz ✧

100 stainless steel bowls hanging on a red thread from olive trees, with a bell attached to each one. Children, and children at heart, are invited to bang and ring the bells and play a welcoming melody at the gates of Tzomet Lev.  


Iced ✦

✧ Carmel Bar and Michal Evyatar ✧

A cart carrying a block of ice invites children to make a snow cone-like they used to be. While they fold a cone for themselves, Carmel and Michal will carve snow cones out of the ice. The two will dribble syrup, chosen by the children, from several color options, which they will make in front of them out of the plants that grow on the promenade!


Connecting ✦

✧ Hadas Tuval ✧

Under the pergola, a network of ropes and threads are woven together. Hadas Tuval pulls and connects them, crafts specially created spaces, and invites you into them and to reflect on the strength of the connections.


Atmospheric Melodies

✧ Yarden Weinbern ✧

Records, rhythms and recordings from all over the world with Yarden’s magic touch turn into a brand new colorful tapestry of sound.


Space Qanun

✧ Little Y Live ✧

Ambient, electronic soundscapes meet live qanun music to create layers of sound that invite you to immerse yourself in them. This is the place to take a moment, close your eyes and treat yourselves to a musical trip without borders.


Making Instruments

✧ Elitzur Goldsmith ✧

A participatory activity of creation and discovery—making flutes out of canes and other instruments with personal instruction and natural materials.


Flying With Kites

✧ Nihad Dabeet ✧

Come learn how to build kites, what materials you should use to get the best results, how to decorate them, and finally, how to fly them.


✦ Healing Sounds 

✧ Liel Abadi ✧

A meditative musical journey with instruments/objects from all over the world and frequencies that will move your inner self and consciousness. 


✦ Game for Two 

✧ Ruth Hof ✧

A card game for two that takes you on a shared journey that starts on the promenade and winds its way round your imagination. 


✦ Yellow Brick Road 

✧ Merav Svirsky ✧

Merav and hundreds of yellow domino bricks await you on the path. Together with her, you place them in a row, practice patience and collaboration, get to know new people and build a pathway to partnership. 


✦ Sun Shots ✦

✧ Netzach Darya Almasi ✧

The ancient printing system known as cynotype teaches you how to turn small bits of nature on the promenade into a beautiful creation that you can take home. 


✦ Keystone 

✧ Elad Vazana ✧

Sit for a moment and imagine a bridge. What is it connected to on either side? Over what does it pass? Now it’s time to build one, together, using an ancient and once familiar technique. 


✦ Illustrating with Markers ✦

✧ Diana Kogan ✧

Peppered throughout the Sherover Promenade are beautiful corners and stunning observation points with views you would like to take home with you. In Diana’s illustration workshop, you can learn how to turn these views into an illustration and take a little bit of the landscape home with you. 



✧ Yael Deckelbaum ✧

A women’s choir that invites men and women to sound their voices and to join resonating circles.



✦ Chi Gong on the Balcony 

✧ Dani Yariv ✧

A perfect opportunity to relax, slow down, take some time to notice your surroundings, let the chi flow and look inwards. Join us to learn about an ancient Chinese technique with a professional, and you will see how much better it makes you feel. 


✦ Natural Wisdom ✦

✧Tali Sister ✧

At the edge of the grove, some natural wisdom awaits you. You can listen to an ancient Indian parable, take a short journey into a question that has been weighing on you, or enjoy an enchanting ceremonial meeting with the fabulous tour guide and spiritualist, Tali Sister.  

8:30-10:00 pm »

✦ Ensemble Feel Beit in a Live Performance 

 ✧ Led by Itamar Doari ✧

Ensemble Feel Beit in a live, one-time performance by a group of musicians and instrumentalists including Itamar Doari (percussion and musical direction); Elyasaf Bashari (oud and bass); Maayan Linik (keyboards, cello and vocals); Roy Friedman (percussion); Mayu Shviro (cello); Yaniv Taichman (string instruments) and Arad Yeini (trumpets). The ensemble will host musicians and artists and take you on a unique musical journey that derives from the here and now that will never be played again. 


10:00 pm until the last dancer leaves »

After party in Feel Beit

✧ DJ Trumpeldov ✧

The bar is open, the drinks are flowing, and on the stand, DJ Trumpeldov with a unique blend of dance music from all over the world—Middle Eastern, electro-oriental, Balkan, Afrobeat, Latin, rockabilly, swing and more.


Entrance is free,
the air is crisp,
the experience is replete with hope,
and the time is now.
Join us?

Feel Beit, Naomi st. 4, next to the Yes Planet complex—coming?

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