Reality that is beyond words

Our light is on, and the doors are open. In our reality, there is room for everyone, people who insist on being together and a place for inspiration that frees the mind. Every Wednesday from 4:00 pm until after the sun sets, Feel Beit invites you to an afternoon and evening of art, creativity, music, encounters, drinks and nourishment for the soul.

Mekudeshet is proud to present:
Wednesday, June 9
Tzomet Lev: A brief excursion into a reality that is beyond words »

✦ Patrick Sebag will play live music inspired by the space and what is happening in it
✦ Sheer Sofer will heal through sound
✦ Nihad Dabeet will build a huge kite and release it into the setting sun
✦ Merav Svirsky will play with rising and falling
✦ Hadas Tuval will weave together new connections
✦ Elad Vazana will construct delicately balanced bridges and arches, with you
✦ Netzach Darya Almasi will teach cynotape printing
✦ Chef Assaf Ron will cook some nourishing love
✦ Soltz Trio will invite you into the realms of jazz, classical, ethnic, groove, electronic and unknown music. (From 8:00 pm)

All this, together with you, will shape the space and fill it with original creativity that derives from here.

It's free,
the air is crisp,
the experience is replete with hope,
and the time is now.
Join us?