A Stunning Public Space that Strikes a Delicate Balance

Feel Beit is not just Mekudeshet’s physical home, it's also a gateway to a beautiful yet charged public space that lends itself to boundary-dissolving artistic creations. 

Spread out beneath Feel Beit is the Gabriel Sherover promenade comprising one-and-a-half kilometers of breathtaking urban nature. One-and-a-half kilometers of seamline (the border between East and West Jerusalem from 1948-1967) creates a delicate meeting point between Israeli and Palestinian neighbors, clergy from the local monastery, a herd of goats and magnificent natural surroundings.

When winter turns to spring, we will plant the seeds for a summer suffused with light and cultural events for the public. Hundreds of artists and thousands of visitors from east and west will join us and turn the promenade into one vast and open artistic experience.

In 2021, every Wednesday from early spring through summer's end, the promenade will turn into a space for art, music and public gatherings with performances, artistic actions, multiple languages and new possibilities for all.