✦ Festive Opening ✦ November 18-20 ✦

For two years we have been working, dreaming, creating and filling FeelBeit with who and what we are. The Mekudeshet community, which is more diverse and colorful than ever, turned this neglected building into a live laboratory where art and culture turn ideas into reality. Unfortunately, we couldn’t launch FeelBeit the way we planned. Instead, we held events around FeelBeit, celebrated summer on the adjacent promenade, unleashed a series of podcasts and dreamed of a fitting launch for our new home. Now it's time to open doors and hearts and to meet.


This week we will kick off FeelBeit’s winter season and invite you to come see, explore, listen, experience, and most of all, meet. Meet our diverse team, new ideas, original creativity, fascinating experiences, and experiments that expand the mind and heart—the driving force for our activities that we are dying to share with you.


Our workspace, in the name of Gita Sherover, will turn into salons for meetings with our team, the bar will create meetings with drinks and cocktails in the spirit of the season, you will encounter our personal stories through objects we brought from our homes, our small souvenir shop will propose meetings with FeelBeit every day in your home, the kitchen will cook up meetings between traditional and contemporary in delicious dishes prepared by Chef Assaf Ron, curated music will provide the perfect soundtrack for your visit, Lost and Found (a ceremony created by Ehud Vardi and Michal Vaknin) will stage a meeting between lost and found, tangible and intangible, audio works will offer meetings with deep listening experiences and a chance of unexpected, intriguing meetings will ignite your imagination.
Thursday, November 18, 5:00-11:00pm
Friday, November 19 11:00-4:00pm
Saturday, November 11:00-4:00pm
Free entrance and everyone is welcome!!