✦ FeelBeit ✦ Winter ✦

For two years we have been working, dreaming, creating and filling FeelBeit with who and what we are. The Mekudeshet community, which is more diverse and colorful than ever, turned this neglected building into a live laboratory where art and culture turn ideas into reality. Unfortunately, we couldn’t launch FeelBeit the way we planned. Instead, we held events around FeelBeit, celebrated summer on the adjacent promenade, unleashed a series of podcasts and dreamed of a fitting launch for our new home. Now it's time to open doors and hearts and to meet.


FeelBeit is kicking off its winter season and invites you to see, explore, listen, experience, and most of all, meet. Meet our diverse team, new ideas, original creativity, fascinating experiences, and experiments that expand the mind and heart—the driving force for our activities, which we are dying to share with you.

Every Wednesday, FeelBeit, in all its finery, presents select DJ sets, invites you to take part in fascinating, on-point conversations and to enjoy a drink and some specially prepared dishes at the bar.

Thursdays bring a change of atmosphere with a party that gets you moving, lifts you out of the day-to-day, and introduces you to Jerusalemites from every corner of the city who celebrate the magic of this place. 

Fridays begin with beautifully curated mornings—the perfect place to start the weekend. A few hours later, FeelBeit turns into a vibrant space filled with artisans, the perfect playlist, and on sale, some intriguing artwork, magazines, newspapers and anything that turns this experience into a relaxing afternoon that feels like somewhere else in the world, right here, at home. 

Full details on FeelBeit's Facebook page and coming soon, the brand new FeelBeit website.

Wednesdays and Thursdays: 5:00-11:00pm, Fridays: 11:00-4:00pm