Mekudeshet’s new home on the seam line

Feel Beit is a place for anybody willing to listen. A place for a new story, art and culture, and a chance to engage with the language, joy, pain, identity, and culture of those who are different.

Feel Beit is a meeting place for people who insist on being together. A place to encounter ourselves and those in front of us, what is inside and what is outside, and who we were yesterday and who we are today.

Feel Beit was created for everybody who wants to create—art, movement, community, dreams, and a different tomorrow. Feel Beit is a home for anyone who is building a home. A home of courage, a home for ideas, a home that unites, a home for compassion, a home for everybody.

Feel Beit is all of our dreams and fears, our hopes and beliefs. It is all of us. It is the here and now, it is bursting with plans and activity, and it has space for everyone. Come join us, exactly as you are, right now.

Feel Beit is a new culture house envisioned, curated, produced and staffed collectively by creatives from Jerusalem’s diverse communities. The renovated, 800 sq. meter space sits on the invisible boundary between East and West Jerusalem atop the Gabriel Sherover promenade, and features a performance venue, club, bar/café, digital broadcasting studio, office and hub space, and an expansive terrace with sweeping views of the city.