A two-part podcast conversation

The new episodes of Mekudeshet’s podcast series, Revisit, were devoted to an in-depth conversation with artist and musician Itamar Doari, Mekudeshet’s musical director, and the wind in the sails of the FeelBeit ensemble. For us, this is an opportunity to reexamine the creative processes and their results in flagship productions created by and with Mekudeshet over many years. From the initial magic of a sunrise concert in the Tower of David featuring Berry Sakharof in 2013 to Wadi Atma—a performance featuring local and Spanish artists in an unforgettable flamenco performance to Living Water comprising soloists from the Middle East basin that captured the heart and mind. All of which were original, once-only productions, which resulted from intensive research into cultures in which music is a way of life. The second half of the podcast offers listeners rare insight into the fascinating process Doari underwent as an artist who is constantly reexamining himself against the backdrop of personal and artistic dilemmas that he was forced to deal with, like many other artists, in a year dominated by the COVID 19 pandemic.  

Doari's search for new sources of inspiration intensified over the past period causing him to rethink the essence of creativity. The stage, which up to now has been the end-point for this process,  which separates performer and audience, is now just one of many layers and complexities that Doari is exploring, which was expressed in performances by the FeelBeit ensemble in the Tzomet Lev event in the summer of 2021.  

During the program, clips of live performances from Itamar’s personal archive will be played for the first time.


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Probed, edited and presented by Gil Rouvio