The Jerusalem Season Of Culture Presents

Mekudeshet 8.8-8.28

The time has come. Open your diaries and block off August 8-28 as “Mekudeshet days,” trust us, you won’t have time for anything else.
This year too, Mekudeshet’s artistic team invites you to join them in a process of discovery, deconstruction and reconstruction and seeking out and producing original artworks that draw their inspiration from Jerusalem. This year too, we invite you to create, for yourselves, a unique experience of the city, to dissolve boundaries and open yourself up to a fascinating mix of ideas, places, dreams and potential that are integral to all of our original productions. This year too, we invite you to delve into Jerusalem, to immerse yourself in its unique soundtrack, to look above and beyond, to close your eyes and stretch your limbs, get to know the city’s boundary dissolvers and celebrate, Kulna (all of us), the ebullient potential of Jerusalem.