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A festi-conference for creative collectives

When the festi-conference started taking shape, we knew that we wanted WE to provide a platform for collectives to meet, discuss, exchange ideas and experiences, impressions, present their specific working models, and to create new and exciting works together and individually. And when we all met at Emek Hamatzlevah (Valley of the Cross) with its perfect view of the monastery on one side and the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament) on the other side, in the building that hosts the Massada scout group, the task that the festi-conference had taken upon itself was injected with new meaning.

Through a series of lectures, workshops, installations and performances, the participating collectives re-defined their methodologies, studied each other’s work, prepared joint presentations, ate together and primarily, became part of the vibrant community of artists from Israel and the world.

More about 2013 events:
This was the second consecutive year in which WE Festi-Conference for Creative Collectives brought together groups of artists from Israel and the world to create collaborative actions in Jerusalem: an international summit for collectives and an open festival that showcased their unique actions.

Initiated by the Jerusalem Season of Culture in collaboration with Af magazine, WE aimed to bring together a diverse range of collectives, to map out the here and now and fantasize about what is to come. WE was a platform that enabled each group to develop site-specific projects while exploring the possibilities that arise from joint endeavors. WE spotlighted faces, stories, and methodologies that led to the formation of the collective and offered a space to ask questions that do not necessarily have answers, about different methodologies. 

WE 2013 Participants:
The Zik Group
New-Barbizon Group
Indie Gallery
Giraffe Meat
Ma’agal Yozrim (Creators Circle)
Mikanvahala (From Here on Out)
60 Ribo
We Allstars
Preston is My Paris (Manchester)
Action Club (New York) 

Additional Participants: 
Graduates of We 2012
New Media Salon
Tsafra Perlmuter, co-founder of Co. Co. Collective: Urban Safari


Co-Artistic Directors: Leo Lieberman, Rotem Rozental Branding and Concept: Yotam Kellner Producer: Noam Kuzar Artistic Director, Jerusalem Season of Culture: Itay Mautner

August 14-15, 2013