Mekudeshet Experiences at Our Home or Your's

This has been a very strange summer for us. Not only did we have to try to get used to life in the shadow of the pandemic, but we were also forcibly separated from you, our wonderful audience. You have been with us, every step of the way, for the last ten years. We have missed you so much. We have missed hosting you, sharing our excitement with you, discovering new treasures with you, and delving into the beauty of Jerusalem with you. So we have decided to break through the Zoom screen and to reach out to you, and in-keeping with the current restrictions, invite you to join us. Our artistic team has put something very special together for you, which was curated with  meticulous attention to detail, has multiple dimensions, and is suitable for all ages and tastes. As always, the number of packages and the time in which they are available is limited.   

We divided up the experiences into four different packages, so that there is something for everyone. And now, just before the holidays, we are offering you Mekudeshet Unlock 2020, because summer isn’t summer without Mekudeshet, right?

This is what awaits you:

Shalem │Soundtrack

If you were one of the lucky ones participated in Shalem last September, the concert, which was composed for and performed with broken instruments from all over Jerusalem by local amateur and professional musicians, we have no doubt you will want to relive and remember (again and again) the night that opened our hearts and showed us the magical power of music as a way to create connections. If you missed this never-to-be-repeated performance, you must be dying to know what it is all about.
We will try to give you the short version: We collected broken, abandoned, and neglected instruments from storerooms, attics, and dusty shelves from all over Jerusalem. We recruited Tom Cohen, conductor of the Jerusalem Orchestra East & West, to manage the project; turned to three Jerusalem-born composers—Dudu Tassa, Maya Dunietz and Nizar Elkhater; spent many hours rehearsing and preparing, constructed a stunning 360º stage in Gan Mitchell, invited you, our audience, opened the gates…and then let the magic happen.
Now, a year later, we are ready to share the soundtrack with you, to listen to and download. To complete the experience, you will also receive a digital version of the booklet (created for the event), the opening clip and some other small treats.


The Trip package


Artist, Ruth Hof, has created an imaginative, hybrid work-- a cross between art and board game. But before you open it, take a moment to read the untold story of this enchanting gift. Inside this unique package (which has been hand-prepared with its own distinct character and beauty) is an invitation to an accessorized, imaginary journey. You can begin the journey inside or outside your home, with a friend or a member of your family. The Trip, which starts with the package, invites you to meet face to face, to carve out a joint path, look out together from the top of a mountain, row against the tide on a raft, and maybe even fight a monster. Each pair of players creates a one-time, fascinating experience. A wonderful gift for all ages and that you will, certainly, want to give to others.

Home Break


We told you we had an amazing new home, Feel Beit, right? So this is your chance to be our first special guest (in adherence to the Purple Badge regulations of course). The Mekudeshet team will give you a short tour of the venue, and a taste of some artworks that will play on your senses, which are currently on exhibition there. We will tell you a little bit about us, explore some of Feel Beit’s inviting spaces, move on to our massive terrace, soak up the most beautiful view in the world, enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, get to know each other a little better, and maybe share a few of our secret plans for the future.

On the Verge


The Pirate’s Tomb, Summer Palace, The Mosque Garden, Absalom’s Pillar, Bird Sanctuary, Akeldama, Jerusalem Airport, Bell Tower, Givat Shochot, Hameara, Retreat room.
Even before this craziness began and paralyzed the world, we were already looking for places conducive to quiet self-reflection. The result of this search is a secret and very special list of urban retreats in a city in which it is difficult to be alone. We planned to offer in each of them, a space for a different kind of thought, a place in which reality is temporarily suspended and allows you to look inwards with gentleness and compassion. All of these places are open and waiting for you. We are curious to see what kind of ceremonies and ideas emerge from them.

Have we piqued your interest? Now it's time to choose a package:

Solo—in this personal package you will find (i) the wonderful soundtrack from the Shalem performance, (ii) the Trip kit—Ruth Hof's artistic creation, which is a game, (iii) our secret guide, which will direct you to solitary retreats in which you will look at Jerusalem (and probably yourselves) a little differently, (iv)an invitation to visit Feel Beit and experience the installations and artworks that fill it with a sense of magic and (v) a bonus that has to stay under wraps for now.
Treat yourselves or those closest to you with a one-of-a-kind, intriguing gift for the holidays. Price: 180₪. To purchase, click here.

Two's Better than One—This package for two comprises the magical Shalem soundtrack, the Trip kit— Ruth Hof's artistic creation, which is a game of objects that will last forever, our secret guide that directs you to solitary retreats in which you will look at Jerusalem (and probably yourselves) a little differently, an invitation for two to visit Feel Beit, its installations and artworks that fill the space with a special aura, and a bonus that is under wraps for now.
Perfect for lovers of the festival, for anyone who is pining for art and culture and/or looking for the perfect present for the holidays. Price: 255₪. To purchase, click here.

Lovers of Solitude—this is the perfect package for a time of social distancing and limited gatherings as it turns them into a colorful, refreshing experience. In this package you will find the magical Shalem soundtrack, the Trip kit— Ruth Hof's artistic creation—a game of objects that will last forever that will be sent to your home, together with our secret guide that takes you to solitary retreats in which you will look at Jerusalem (and probably yourselves) a little differently, and a bonus that is under wraps for now, which we have curated especially for you. Price: 130₪. To purchase, click here.

Come and Meet Us —Do you have a free day and feel like visiting Jerusalem? Would you like to discover a whole new side of the city? This package opens a door to a Jerusalem that you have never seen before. On offer: a chance to listen, through headphones, to the Shalem soundtrack (one of Mekudeshet’s most poignant performances), visit the city-wide, secret retreats that we have found for you throughout the day, and end with a visit to Feel Beit where you will experience in-house artworks and kick back with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival—the Best of the Best. Price: 130₪. To purchase, click here.