The small and most important print

We at Mekudeshet always try to provide you, our audience, with a perfect, pleasant, safe and as all-encompassing experience as possible.

Our website showcases the entire festival but unfortunately it is not so great at dialoguing with the audience. If you want to ask us something, consult, talk or get a recommendation from an actual person, you can call the box office at: 02-6535854. The office is open on weekdays from 9:00am-5:00pm or you can leave a message after hours. Somebody will get back to you very quickly. 

If you want the quickest response in the Middle East, access to the hottest fresh off-the-press news and to to hear what we have to say, and not just about our performances, like us on Facebook. There we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 



Ticket Policy

Purchased a ticket and wish you hadn't? No worries...our ticket policy applies to all the Mekudeshet performances and states that you can cancel the transaction up to 48 hours from the start of the show, via fax: 02-6535850.

Don't tell anyone but you can also call the box office and they will help you. For cancellation, a sum of 5% of the transaction sum + handling fee will be charged

Additionally, in the case of cancellation, an Order Cancellation form should be filled in, signed and sent to us by fax or by return email.

Presale Tickets and Additional Reductions

The presale tickets offer a reduced price for the performances but there are limited number of tickets. Be sure to purchase them quickly as at a certain point the offer will end even if all the tickets allocated for presale have not been sold. We will announce the end of the presale in a newsletter or on our Facebook page approximately 48 hours in advance. 

We have prepared some excellent value for many packages for you which will allow you to experience a number of different Mekudeshet performances. It's definitely worth your while to take a look at our packages page. 

Disability Access

The Mekudeshet performances take place in Jerusalem venues, which are mostly outdoors, under the stars and surrounded by the crisp Jerusalem night air, for no extra cost. Unfortunately, most of the more successful venues in Jerusalem were built before the issue of disability access was a consideration and therefore there are a number of performances to which access is challenging, if not impossible, for people with disabilities. If a venue has disability access it will have a sign on our site, for every event that does not have this sign, the best thing to do is to phone the box office and check. We will do everything we can to help in any way that we can. 

Age Restrictions:   

A lot of people ask us what we have on offer for families at the end of the summer vacation. But the truth is we do not really produce family events. Not that we have anything against families, quite the contrary. Most of us are already struggling with the same question but our events are not the answer to the eternal question: what are we going to do with the kids today? But it is worth knowing that the Norwegian ministry of culture determined that children above the age of two should consume culture. And this is something we have a lot find a babysitter for the under twos and check these options out for the over threes. 

Above and Beyond, Friday Celebration

  • For all festival shows, tickets are required for children aged 5, except for special cases:
  • Tower of David - entry into the hall for children under the age of 3 will not be permitted
  • Dissolving Boundaries -  recommended from age 10 and up
  • Running in Jerusalem - from age 15 only. 

Dress Code

The most important thing is that you come appropriately dressed. Our recommendation: for anything that happens after the sun goes down, bring a sweater. Even in the summer. Honestly, even if it seems a little strange at five in the afternoon as you try to escape the heat, but after sunset, it really does get cold--the kind of cold that requires a long sleeved shirt--a summer scarf won't work.