A Light Exhibition in the Depths of Darkness



Artist Guy Zagursky turns the light on, exposes the darkness, and signals the opening of Feel Beit with a light installation that shines far and wide. The light flickers sensually, an invitation to venture out into the public space outside Feel Beit to experience art with no need for special permission.

The exhibition, which includes a massive artwork on the roof of the building and additional works on its external and interior walls, is visible through large glass windows. The public can come by at any hour of the evening to bask in sparks of lights after the year of darkness we've lived through together.

Zagursky believes that light is deeply and abstractly connected to wisdom, and pulls the messier parts of life out of the darkness and into plain view. It is these dark corners that most interest Zagursky, which he considers the true source of art. The many languages of Jerusalem are intertwined in the exhibition and are used to create connections, contrasts and syntheses between the city's diverse populations.

And we haven’t even mentioned the rhinoceros in the room.


Curator: Itay Mautner