Personalized, Jerusalem cultural experiences

Jerusalem is a uniquely fascinating and complex city. It is at the heart of an ongoing conflict, it has a unique diversity of populations and it is framed by an intricate patchwork of political and social undercurrents.  An extraordinary social, political, cultural and historical mix that places it on the frontline of virtually every challenge that Israel and to an increasing extent, the world, is facing. For the last ten years we have been studying this complexity, drawing inspiration from it and presenting a breathtaking, artistic interpretation of it. The results of which we have channeled into a series of personalized tours that take participants into the city under the radar. 

The JLM Muse offers specially tailored cultural experiences. The general public, organizations and public institutions can now purchase art and activist tours in which they are introduced to the most creative, innovative and daring forces in the city. On offer:

Dissolving Boundaries: Doco-theatrical journeys, which were the subject of a full-length feature in the New York Times, invites audiences to sidestep the beaten path of religious shrines, archaeological digs and Zionist monuments, and to step into the lives of extraordinary people;

Art and Activism Tours: Meticulously crafted tours that introduce participants to local activists and artists who are re-imagining Jerusalem's acute social, cultural and political challenges as opportunities for novel thinking and action;

Lectures: A unique set of fascinating lectures, which touch on and explore, from brand new perspectives, every aspect of art, culture and civil society in Jerusalem;

Mekudeshet+: Meetings with the people responsible for the festival and JSOC’s year-round work, an up-close introduction to our raw material and maybe even the chance to have a say in its future content. 

If you need to know more ask Gili she has all the answers:

Gili Dror Amit: 052-8446406



Audio Journeys: An English-language audio journey led by a facilitator in which participants explore the city’s changing landscapes guided only by the voices and stories of some of Jerusalem’s most intriguing social, cultural and political innovators.