Solo performance with audience participation

Empty Room is a personal, interactive performance created and performed by artist, Alit Kreiz that asks the question: what small details influence the choices we make, who we will live with and how we will live together. In the search for the perfect partner for a shared life under one roof, we will try to unravel, together, the experience of love in our times. “Kreiz displays a fascinating hold on her audience, creating a scene in which she has total control, because she understands the power of the unexpected, and makes room for it.” (, Ayelet Dekel).

Every time Alit Kreiz and Mekudeshet's paths cross, the result is rich, colorful performances that are weaved into unforgettable works such as I Would Like to Say I'm Sorry (part of Above and Beyond in the 2017 Mekudeshet Festival); Knock Knock (Mekudeshet 2015); Opposite of Alive (performance in the In-House Festival, Jerusalem Season of Culture 2012) and more.

The performance will be staged at Feel Beit in English and Hebrew on two dates: 

August 16

7:30 pm English performance / 9:30 pm Hebrew performance

August 22

7:30 pm English performance / 9:30 pm Hebrew performance

To purchase tickets for the English performance, click here

Created by: Alit Kreiz

Artistic Consultant: Nitzan Cohen

Producer: Yael Cohen