French film maker Vincent Moon is a music hunter. Over the past two decades, he has traveled all over the world armed with a camera and recording equipment in order to document music in situ. This could be a rock concert at the Wembley Stadium, liturgical singing in the Vatican, or a pagan ceremony in a Peruvian forest. Anything that emits a tune, Moon is there to record it.

His documentaries – which he films, edits, and produces independently – have been huge successes and are screened in movie theatres and on TV networks and internet sites.

Moon will be joining us for Mekudeshet’s Night Stroll with a one-time performance that combines video clips with a live set from the DJ stand and integrates different and unusual sounds, mainly from Brazilian forests. We suggest you let Moon lead you on an immersive, psychedelic, transcendental, and, unusual journey in which the audience and the artist move their heads and bodies in unison. 


***In addition to the performance which will be part of the Night Stroll event, Moon’s films will be screened in the Tower of David’s Crusader Hall throughout the festival, every day from 4:00pm until the end of the last performance at the Tower of David. Entrance is free via the side gate, opposite the Jaffa Gate plaza.



Vincent Moon
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