At the end of the day, music is a matter of connections. The ability to take two notes, two tunes, or two rhythms and weld them together. And when it works — you know it. You know that something new has been created that is interesting, exciting, and pleasurable. Forget about lyrics — a new musical genre has been produced. This is exactly what will happen on the stage of the Tower of David when Indian master Trilok Gurtu and the contemporary orchestra Castle in Time weave their magic together.

Trilok Gurtu is one of the founding fathers of the Indian fusion scene. In the 1980s, he set the tone for one of the best known and loved jazz bands, OREGON, and since then he has played and composed with hundreds of diverse musicians — from Bob Dylan and Annie Lennox through Bill Evans and Zakir Hussain to Miri Mesika.

Gurtu designed for himself a unique set of drums that includes Western drums and a set of Eastern Tabla drums, and his performances are exciting journeys that fly from India to New Orleans, stopping on the way to draw inspiration and collect some global beats.

The Castle in Time orchestra combines classical orchestral music with contemporary sounds from indie and electronic music. This young orchestra, whose members are mostly in their twenties, was established in 2015 in collaboration with Beit Avi Chai and offers audiences a unique and breathtaking concert experience.

Last year, Castle in Time was the opening act for Night Stroll, and this year, together with Trilok Gurtu, they will perform pieces that were composed especially for this joint performance. The orchestra’s founders, Matan Daskal and Shalev Ne’eman, promise us that they will turn Trilok Gurtu’s drumming into an orchestral score.

We are all ears.  

Participating musicians: 

Percussion: Trilok Gurtu / Conductor: Matan Daskal / Flute: Rachel Mazor / Oboe: Mariona Gudia / Clarinet: Noa Ya'akov / Bassoon: Michael Rosler / Soprano Saxophone: Oved Pinchover / French Horn: Ofer Etzioni / Trumpet: Tal Avraham / Trombone: Mayan Milo / Drums: Haim Peskoff / Percussion: Shalev Ne'eman / Guitar: Eden Nir / Bass Guitar: Nitai Marcus / Synthesizers: Yonatan Daskal / Computer: Asaf Meidan / Harp: Tal Vaknin / Vox: Daniel Krief, Anna Lann / Violin: Benedikt Bindewald, Yedidia Schwartz / Viola: Nina Lutterman / Double Bass: Michael Edwards / Co-Founder and Manager: Tal Donner

Doors open: 6:00pm

Performance begins: 7:00pm