The Jamaican Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare are probably the busiest, most versatile and productive music producers and rhythm section in the world.  And beyond. Prominent musicians who have recorded with them include: Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Sinéad O'Connoror, Serge Gainsbourg, Joe Cocker and Sting?

The two started out in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, sometime in the swinging ’70s. Sly on the drums and Robbie on the bass; sought-after session musicians who know how to set the tempo for the most refreshing musical style in the region —reggae. Their partnership, which came about almost by chance, led to the establishment of Taxi Records at the beginning of the ’80s. Slowly, they broke through the glass ceiling of the recording studio and added cutting-edge music producers to their resume when three of the albums they produced for a young and promising singer called Grace Jones turned them into star producers and the holy grail for the music industry as a whole.  

The two have since reached the lofty status of living legends. They are considered the team that invented dub (a mix of sophisticated sound effects and reggae beat) and to be responsible for the most important and respected reggae and dance hall soundtracks. Legends have it that they are responsible for no less than 200,000 audio tracks as musicians and music producers. 

In their performances, the beat is strictly desert. The guitar and the keyboards evoke the lyrics and poetry of their signatory compositions, while your body submits to the beat dictated by the bass and the drums. The band comprises four of the best musicians Jamaica has to offer, and on sound: legendary electric sound technician: Logie Godwin.

More surprises to come.

Come jive with us! Jah. 


Doors open: 7:30pm

Performance begins: 8:00pm


Sly Dunbar - Drums
Robbie Shakespeare - Bass + Vocals
Franklyn "Bubbler" Waul - Keyboards
Duwayne Hoilett - Guitar
Guillaume "Stepper" Briard - Saxophone + Harmonies
Everol "Stingwray" Wray - Trombone + Harmonies
Godwin Logie - Sound engineer