Wait until darkness descends and come down to the Valley of the Cross. The moon and the surrounding city lights will light up the path. Come from any direction you like; at every entrance a different greeting will await you. Listen to it. Let it lead you into a personal, once-only nighttime sound experience. Feel free to wander between the voices, discover the rustlings in the valley, and lose yourself in the different and unusual sounds that you encounter.

After last year’s psychedelic journey through the valley in Ein Kerem, this year Echoes invites you to follow the voices that are scattered along a path that has no definitive beginning or end. It is a circular path in open ground behind the Monastery of the Cross between the Scouts headquarters and the museum, and the only thing taking you from one piece of work to another will be your curious ear.

You will be greeted by dozens of voice artists from Israel and abroad, all operating tiny, invisible sound installations. They will ask you to stop walking for a moment and to listen. Next to them will be larger installations transmitting intermittent sounds throughout the valley that range from the cliff-hanging solo of weeping guitars to a tower of sound that will absorb and disseminate low frequencies. Some of the works and the artists will be waiting for you on the paved paths, but the real discoveries will happen when you decide to step off these paths and follow your ears. What will you choose to listen to? That’s up to you. 

The full list of performances will be published soon.

Echoes is a continuous outdoor event but places are still limited. Entrance is free but conditional on advance registration. We recommend you come early in order to fully experience the event – trust us, it’s worth it! And remember, nights in Jerusalem can be very chilly, even in the summer, so bring something warm to wear. 

Artistic Directors: Amir Bolzman and Lars Sergel
Producer: Ayelet Givoni
Image: dor zlekha levy
Artistic Director Mekudeshet: Itay Mautner