Wait until darkness descends and come down to the Valley of the Cross. The moon and the surrounding city lights will light up the path. Come from any direction you like; at every entrance a different greeting will await you. Listen to it. Let it lead you into a personal, once-only nighttime sound experience. Feel free to wander between the voices, discover the rustlings in the valley, and lose yourself in the different and unusual sounds that you encounter.

After last year’s psychedelic journey through the valley in Ein Kerem, this year Echoes invites you to follow the voices that are scattered along a path that has no definitive beginning or end. It is a circular path in open ground behind the Monastery of the Cross between the Scouts headquarters and the museum, and the only thing taking you from one piece of work to another will be your curious ear.

You will be greeted by dozens of voice artists from Israel and abroad, all operating tiny, invisible sound installations. They will ask you to stop walking for a moment and to listen. Next to them will be larger installations transmitting intermittent sounds throughout the valley that range from the cliff-hanging solo of weeping guitars to a tower of sound that will absorb and disseminate low frequencies. Some of the works and the artists will be waiting for you on the paved paths, but the real discoveries will happen when you decide to step off these paths and follow your ears. What will you choose to listen to? That’s up to you. 

The full list of performances will be published soon.

Echoes is a continuous outdoor event but places are still limited. Entrance is free but conditional on advance registration. We recommend you come early in order to fully experience the event – trust us, it’s worth it! And remember, nights in Jerusalem can be very chilly, even in the summer, so bring something warm to wear. 

Cliff-Hanging Solo (Shaul Cohen and Denis Sobolov)

A piece for two electric guitars which was composed especially for Echoes by Shaul Cohen and will be performed with Denis Sobolov. The work derives by the space in which it is performed—two guitars, 200 meters from each other, play loudly from one of the valley’s high points and next to the audience. The connection between the guitars and their context as one unit in open space is the question, the process and the answer to this work.


Echo Chamber in an Echo Chamber (Uri Sinai)

The live echoes created by string instruments (contrabass, cello, viola) are placed in a tunnel that is suffused with echoes under a busy road, and together, they create a live cyclical dialogue throughout the evening. The work explores the echoes created by the instruments that are integrated with the field echoes and a mixture of sounds inside and outside the space, and the reverse; disparities and similarities between the musicians and the instruments in the tunnel that functions as a kind of urban womb that resonates the sounds of the city.


Presenting the Presented (Yoni Niv: analog synthesizer, Tom Soloveitzik: saxophone, soprano).

The work explores the use of different frequencies to create signals deriving from the inner ear of the listener in an intense rhythmic field, and attempts to balance the ongoing and doubled pressure from both sides of the audio membrane. The work was presented for the first time at the Tectonics Festival in 2015, and has been adapted for the unique acoustics of the Valley of the Cross in Jerusalem.


Between Worlds (Yael Lavie and Harel Schreiber) 

With a combination of the qanun and electronic music, Yael Lavie and Harel Schreiber move between different musical worlds: from electronic to traditional music, from clear musical structures to abstract sounds and from a populist past to an amorphous future.


S-Emek x 3 (Alex Drool and Ariel Armony)

A piece for two drummers, three drums and 4 amplifiers.


Feedback (Amit Fishbein)

A artistic creation in which voice and feedback converse: Participants: Laila Betterman, Michal Tamari, Yifat Ziv, Shira Wurz, Sharon Elazar, Shira Reizman.


Tortured Trumpets (Or Rimez)

A work comprising five-trumpets and feedback.


Field DJ (Ofer Tisser)

Distributing memories through recordings that I collected and created. Physical moments and emotionally charged performances are translated into oscillating air pockets and materials in order to convert the bike and running path into an organic cave embedded with small stories that hint at one big story.


Rozeta—A sound installation comprising magnetized objects (Lior Pinsky)

Rozeta is a sound installation that is made out of independent elements based on amplifiers and magnetized batteries used by lampposts in the Israel Museum’s parking lot. Each element is based on distorted feedback that is created when the object attempts to create a closed electrical circuit while simultaneously disabling it. The result is a field of unstable pulses that connect to an ongoing chaotic installation.


Smart-ing Bodies (Evelina Rajca)

Evelina Rajca, currently a resident at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, presents at Echoes her site-responsive instruments "smart-ing bodies".  The sound installation is based on piezoelectric properties.  Here one of the core material, quartz minerals generate a small amount of electricity through pressure. A piezo electric sensor, made of partly self cultivated piezo electric crystals, within a wooden drumstick is striking the glass bells, which rotate around their own axes. There is a small electrical charge produced which is monitored, processed within the algorithmic composition and modulates the multifaceted spectrum of frequenices. By sensing and balancing the force - the resonating instruments are turing into self-regulating devices. As with bells or singing bowls, the glass shapes can be tuned to specific pitches. Rajca collected sand and mineral probes around the world, which were burned into the particular shapes. By keeping ideas in mind as i.e. : ”The AI does not hate you, nor does it love you, but you are made out of atoms which it can use for something else” (Eliezer Yudkowsky), Rajca questions within her experiments if the best ecology is de facto the one that keeps on operating under high pressure.

Human Synthasizer (Ji Yong Kong)

A work that turns the human body into a conductor and combines acoustic, digital and analogous sounds.


Safe Days (Daniel Kiczales)

Yuppies with Jeeps first solo album with special arrangements especially for Echoes.   



Artistic Directors: Amir Bolzman and Lars Sergel
Producer: Ayelet Givoni
Image: dor zlekha levy
Artistic Director Mekudeshet: Itay Mautner