Running has been termed the “new religion” for a long time now. Right now, somewhere in the world, at six in the morning or eleven at night, someone is tying their shoelaces devoutly and setting off for a run. The performance, Running in Jerusalem, invites to join the stream. To learn about ourselves via the city, and discover the city via our feet.


Our thoughts will also be given free reign. What insights are hiding in the ups and downs of Jerusalem? Is it possible to think new thoughts in an ancient city?


We will set out on a run in Jerusalem, in a group, and listen through headphones, to a guide who will ask us not just to listen to the rhythm of our breathing, but also to the city that is being revealed to us on the move. The creators—Renana Raz, who has marked out the route, and Gal Friedman, actor and our personal trainer—will lead us on a jog to the seamline that divides between different neighborhoods, between listening and participating, between ritualistic and the mundane, exertion and pleasure, between what flashes past our eyes and what seeps deep down within us.

Director: Renana Raz
Script: Renana Raz and Gal Friedman
Concept and perfrormance: Gal Friedman
Design: Or Moran
Artistic Director Rites of Here and Now: Michal Vaknin
Production: Yael Cohen
Pre-production: Omer Alsheich