Between Thursday night and Friday morning, one minute before midnight and as fables would have it, the magic will happen. The unique spaces in the Tower of David will transform into enchanted theatres and music of all styles and origins will draw you in. 

Night Stroll which is one of the most beloved traditions of Mekudeshet is a once-only and rare chance to listen to and get a taste of different worlds.

After the opening performance, by the Angelcy, on the central stage , you will be invited to wander between the different spaces in the citadel where an intimate and completely different performance will be waiting for you in each one. 

Throughout the entire night you can lose or find yourselves as you roam through different countries and continents, pass from tranquility to noise, weave between contemporary and ancient and navigate the best of the local jubilee and the best the world has to offer.

Just before morning breaks, as the first light is rising up over East Jerusalem, we will all gather together again around center state for an immersive and exciting sunrise concert by Dudu Tassa & The Kuwaitis.

The sweatshirts are on us. The rest is up to you!

The full list of performances will be published soon, but trust us, you will want to get your ticket now. They are disappearing fast.



September 14
Tower of David
Pre-sale tickets are available