Meeting point: Light Rail station, Mount Herzl

This is what we have to say 5 Ways to Dissolve Boundaries: 

Journeys on the seamline between art and reality in Jerusalem.

Let’s try to keep an open mind. Free of preconceived ideas and prior information. Let’s listen to what Jerusalem wants to share with us and seek out everything that it is trying to hide. Let’s give reality a chance to weave its way into art and lead us back to reality. Let’s set out on a journey together.  

5 Ways to Dissolve Boundaries is an open invitation to participate in doco-theatrical journeys that expand the mind. The journeys provide us with an opportunity to rid ourselves of everything we thought we knew about Jerusalem and rethink the city. To get to know people we didn’t know existed, discover places that are far from the eye and hidden from the heart, and to come face-to-face with the reality of Jerusalem—as crafted by the people who insist on influencing it every day, every moment.

Every journey is a work of art that is based on reality and lasts for five hours. Every journey is an adventure that, although carefully constructed and meticulously produced, is still open to interpretation. Every journey is an intimate and personal experience comprising a group tour through the city by foot or minibus. Every journey requires us to take an active role as we weave together a new reality.

The boundary dissolvers, who have the starring role in the performance, will meet you at the different stop off points during the journey. You will meet them in their homes, join them at their places of work, and hear how each of them according to their world view turns Jerusalem into a better place.

We invite you to choose a date, a time, and a journey and to trust us and, most importantly, yourselves. We will pick you up at the meeting point and take you on a journey that will surprise you, inspire you, and dissolve the boundaries between potential and tangible, reality and theatre. 

What should you bring? Water, hat, sandwich and comfortable walking shoes.
Who will you be meeting? It’s a surprise. You won’t hear if from us.
How long? Five and a half hours
The journey will include light, short walks.