Participating artists: Jerusalem Orchestra East West, conductor: Tom Cohen / Dikla / Nasreen Qadri / Shai Tsabari / Kamel Suliman / Ziv Yehezkel / Luna Abu Nasser / Muhammad Mughrabi / Apo Sahagian


Opening Set: DJ Khen Elmaleh‏


Imagine, for a moment, a fleeting utopia in the heart of the Levant. A pounding Lebanese rock band, an Andalusian orchestra playing Egyptian classics, Yemenite blues guitars cutting through the night, a sheikh, rabbi and priest praying simultaneously in Mecca, the Vatican and at the Western Wall, a chef from Baghdad serving up local delicacies with a contemporary French twist, a piytan from Marrakesh performing with a rap idol from Teheran, professionals from Damascus discussing  the reconstruction of the their city, and a group of children trilling a Turkish version of Johnny Cash.

OK, maybe we let our imagination run a bit too wild and maybe we did hit reality here and there but that is exactly what Kulna is about—daring to suggest what we scarcely dare to dream about. A one-time offer, for Jerusalem from Jerusalem, of a night without borders. A laying of the foundations for what is both the most natural and the most unrealistic concept of all—a successful Middle East…

For one night only, we will gather together in Gan Mitchell (which is actually the lower lawn of Hutzot Hayotzer [the Jerusalem craft fair]), where the Jordanian border once passed through, to celebrate what could and should be. Offer a meeting place, that is inclusive and open in which the neighborhood can revel in its potential. And give a voice to a night that has chosen to highlight the good, successful and the beautiful without forgetting what it has been left behind.

Kulna will be divided into three courses. The first will provide a rare peak at the hottest trends in the Middle East. The hippest fashion designer in Amman, the most exacting graphic designer in Teheran and the most musically correct band in Beirut, will greet event goers on huge screens as they enter the park. It’s true, we would have preferred it if they could actually come to Jerusalem, but unfortunately this is still not possible…still, this initial exposure is an important step in the right direction.

The event’s main course will comprise a musical performance in which our neighborhood will celebrate itself. We handed over the baton to Tom Cohen, the conductor for the New Jerusalem Orchestra (formerly known as the Jerusalem Andalusian Orchestra) who chose, together with soloists Muhammad Mughrabi, Dikla, Saliman, Nasreen Qadri, Apo Sahagian and Ziv Yehezkel some old, new material to be performed onstage.  Get ready for some crazy energy, a lot of Hebrew and Arabic and a dose of optimism that will flow out of the music and into your heart. And as for dessert, it is strictly for the brave as it will be served up in a rowdy, pumping after party with a playlist plucked from the here and now. Leading the set will be Ram Spinoza supported by a team of DJ’s and musicians.

If there is one event you have to be at this summer—it is probably this one. All of us together—kulna.

Doors open: 6:30pm

A standing performance with some alternative seating on a first come first serve basis.