We highly recommend you open a window and let in the contemporary Middle Eastern music scene. Shatter glass ceilings, ignore obstacles and boundaries. Leave your mind at home and let your body lead the way. Join in the one night that dances with the here and now.

We invite you to the Kulna nightcap — an evening of international artists from the neighborhood who produce live electronic music at a high volume and a low bass — in a club in the center of town. The brave among you can sign off the night at a party with a whiff of fresh Levantine and apple-scented tobacco, which will end when the sun rises.

Leading the set will be Ram Spinoza, DJ RAMZY Al SpinozA, supported by a team of on point international DJs and some foreign guests. A little after midnight, a live hip hop celebration will begin featuring an excellent team of rappers from the party line Monolingua and some additions, some of whom will be appearing in Jerusalem for the first time. 

Muhammad Hindi (Ramallah) // Firas Salameh (Hebron) // Salameh Barham (Jericho) // Muhammad Jabid Mughrabi (Shuafat) Muzi Raps // Raed Bassam Jabid

Up next, the Zenobia band will hit you with an incredible live electronic dabka performance, and then the red carpet will be rolled out for the man landing in Jerusalem straight from Istanbul only to take off again with us: DJ VEYASIN, the brains behind Hey! Douglas, who mixes ‘70s Turkish psychedelia with Afro Groove disco.

 In short, on Friday morning (or, if we are being realistic, Friday evening) you will wake up a different person.

Artistic Director: Ram Spinoza