In the middle of the room a DJ stand will be set up and mattresses scattered around it. You are welcome to stretch out on them, read, chat or fall asleep. Each to their own.


Throughout the night Gilly da Kid and Dotan Brand will play quiet, meaningful music that will provide you with the perfect soundtrack for a good night’s sleep. Every now and then some friends and musicians will sneak in just to add a little extra to the experience.


Glorious Dreams has already happened a few times at “HaMiffal” in Jerusalem. Over time, the rules governing the ritual have been fine-tuned and turned into tentative set of regulations with four clauses:


  1. The ritual begins at 11:00 pm sharp. The music plays for eight hours, which is how long the medical professionals recommend we sleep. At 7:00 am a silent hour will begin. At 8:00 am the alarm clock will ring and we will wake up slowly for breakfast and another beautiful day.

  2. The mattress is on us, the pillow and blanket are on you. We want you to feel at home and thus we prefer it if you bring bedding that will make you feel good, whether it is a shabby Ninja Turtles duvet or the amazing satin sheets you got for your wedding anniversary. Feel free to wow us!

  3. Dress code: Pyjamas. A special blessing from the DJ for anyone who invests a little extra in their outfit.

  4. Please respect the fact that some people are sleeping and speak quietly. Snoring? The management reserves the right to gently nudge you.

Concept and Artistic Director: Gilly Levy
DJing: Gilly da Kid and Dotan Brand
Art: Michal Chevion
Guests: Marki Funk, Daniel Kitchales and Noam Yaish (Yuppies With Jeeps)
Operation: Ha-Mif'al Crew
Artistic Director Rites of Here and Now: Michal Vaknin
Production: Yael Cohen
Pre-production: Omer Alsheich