Photographer: Shahar Ratzenberg

He was born in Beersheba, moved to Tel Aviv, travelled around the world, and arrived in Jerusalem. He grew up secular and became religious after embarking on a spiritual journey. Growing up in a musical family, he developed his own unique style and has become one of Israel’s most important artists and performers. He is rooted in rock music but has experimented with countless other musical styles and currently composes with no particular commitment to one style or another. He is personal and universal, local and international, corporal and spiritual, majestic and mundane.

This year Banai released his sixth solo album, Tongues of Fire, in which he once again  presents a new and innovative way of combining ideas and perceptions. Half of the album was produced by Tamir Muskat, a specialist in rock genres. The other half, produced by Naor Carmi, is more abstract and contemplative. Just like Banai’s multifaceted identity, the two halves coexist harmoniously and comprise one of the fullest and deepest albums we have heard in the last few years.

Banai sensitively combines well-known songs with new compositions, his past identity with his present, and offers the audience a glimpse into his fascinating and extraordinary life. His performance is an invitation to share the “thoughts crashing into the walls of the heart” and to gather “words of illumination” with an open wide heart. 

Doors open: 5:30pm

Performance begins: 6:30pm 

Drums: Zean Paul Zimbris
Guitars: Amit Yitzhak
Bass guitar and string instruments: Avri Borochov
Keyboards and trumpet: Roei Hermon
Music production: Assaf Amdursky