Photographer: Jacob Crawford / Dudi Hasson

Brothers Saleh and Daoud Al-Kuwaiti were superstars in Iraq in the 1940s. They wrote songs about love, longing, and yearning that touched the essence of the human emotions that we all share and were hugely successful. But when they immigrated to Israel in 1948 with the founding of the state, they had to get used to a whole new reality. Their Arabic was abandoned, the beauty and the richness of their compositions were reserved for a select few, and their fame dissipated. Almost 80 years later, Dudu Tassa, Daoud’s grandson, decided to revisit and shine a new light on the beauty contained within his uncle and his grandfather’s songs.

The project began in 200, when the song “Foug el-Nakhal” was included in Tassa’s album Out of Choice and featured in the soundtrack of the movie Turn Left at the End of the World. Almost a decade later, after a long period of development and research, Dudu Tassa and the Kuwaitis released their first album. The album, which was greeted enthusiastically and showered with excellent reviews, managed to retain the original magic of the songs while giving them a contemporary twist that transcended time and place and wrapped them in some new and refreshing colors.

In 2015, Tassa released another album of songs from the rich body of work they were researching. Guest artists on the albums included Ninet, Berry Sakharof, Yehudit Ravitz, Riff Cohen, and others, all of whom sang the original Kuwaiti brothers’ lyrics in Arabic. Last year, Tassa and the project enjoyed a great deal of international success, after they were selected by Radiohead as the warm-up band for their North American tour.

Tassa and the Kuwatis will end Night Stroll with a sunrise concert that welcomes the first light as it rises over the Old City, taking you, if your imagination allows it, from the awakening landscape of the Holy City to the sacred and forgotten landscapes between the Euphrates and the Tigris.

Doors open: 4:30am

Performance begins: 5:00am