Just before Shabbat descends on Jerusalem, as a shadow spreads across the Tower of David’s central stage, we invite you to join us for Mekudeshet’s closing celebration that turned, a long time ago, into a tradition of groove, spirituality, and lots of good music. 

This year, a burst of onstage female energy will bring down the curtain on Mekudeshet.  Like an all-embracing motherly hug, the music will wrap you in an energetic, uncompromising groove that originated in Ethiopia, travelled through a dose of dynamism in Mali, and ended its journey with the compassionate and reconciliatory caress of Middle Eastern bearers of hope.    

Ester Rada will be the first to take to the stage with a brand new performance that includes hits from her first album and a taste of some new material from her second album. Get ready for some irresistible groove from one of the world’s most compelling artists. Joining Rada will be Marina Maximilian for a collaborative performance that is even greater than the sum of its parts.  Throughout the performance, the duo will sing each other’s songs alone and together.  

Up next is an artist who will melt your heart. Commonly known as the Queen of the Sahara, Khaira Arby personifies the merging of tribes in her country, Mali, and has taken on an ambassadorial role on behalf of West Africa’s female singing culture. In addition to breaking new ground and calling for tolerance and understanding, Arby’s performance is an explosion of powerful yet gentle energy that moves between desert blues, string instruments, and beats from all over the African continent. 

Just before we head off for a relaxing Jerusalem Shabbat, Yael Deckelbaum & Prayer of the Mothers Ensemble —  secular, religious, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish women — will gather on one stage to sing together in an ensemble that combines reggae, folk, Arabic music, and spiritualism and conveys a message to which we can only say, “Amen.” 

Music & Tunes--Orly Roots in a musical journey from the four corners of the earth. 


September 15
Tower of David
Pre-sale tickets are avialable