Photographer: Christie Goodwin

Bass and oud player Omer Avital and mandolin player Avi Avital share both the same surname and an extraordinary talent for combining different styles and influences in exciting and meticulously produced jazz compositions. In honor of their new album, due to be released by the German record label Deutsche Grammophon, they will share the Tower of David’s magical stage for a debut performance that is especially meaningful and connected.


Supported by Yonathan Avishai on the piano and Itamar Doari on percussion, they will sail together through Moroccan and North African influences, traditions of folklore and classical music, Israeli geniality, and Middle Eastern beats.


The joint performance by Avi (a Grammy nominee) and Omer (a member of Third World Love) is a like a musical melting pot in which the refinement of chamber music meets the wild energy of jazz to create a unique sound that resonates to distant shores.