Meeting point: Information Desk, 2 Jaffa St.

Two men live on a roof in the house that they were born in. Both of them see it as a place for meeting and conversing, sleeping and hosting. Both of them have mythological life stories, and for both of them, the roof is the beginning of a personal story that has turned into our story. The tour, which will be led by the curatorial team of Above and Beyond,  will begin with a cup of coffee in West Jerusalem on the seamline and end with a hot meal in East Jerusalem next to the Temple Mount.

Koko Deri was born and raised on a roof in the Musrara neighborhood. From there he observes the world as it rushes past him on the six traffic lanes below him. He also founded the Black Panthers together with his friends on the roof, which became a meeting place for radical people and ideas.

Abu Yehia was born and raised on a roof in the Old City above Hammam al-Ayn next to the Temple Mount mosques. In the past, his family ran the hammam and were in charge of cleaning the road dust off pilgrims before they entered the holy site. Today, when the hamman is no longer working, Abu Yehia continues the family tradition and cleans from within, from the heart.

The tour will take a musical break with a sunset performance on the Galizia roof and for Gil Avissar’s 100 abstract flag performance.

The tour includes a hot meal and coffee or tea.


The tour will be led by the curatorial team of the roof project.