2.5 cubic meters of earth that was dug up from under the Temple Mount was brought up to the roof of Clal Center. Seven people will aerate the mount’s dirt in seven positions for seven days. 

This is a counter-intuitive act—to raise earth, with such a rich historical past, up to a roof—a futuristic urban space. At a time when Jerusalem’s earth is being relentlessly dug up in an attempt to prove the different historical narratives, the earth undergoes a ceremony that breathes new life into it.

The work was inspired by a very private moment when the artist sat with her grandmother as she drew her last breaths and observed a ventilator as it continued to pump air into her grandmother's dead body.  A contemplative perspective comprising a series of actions that aerate the earth for seven days (the traditional period of Jewish mourning) and turns a private moment into a symbolic act that attempts to do the impossible—breathe life into dead earth. The same earth that people fight over, are prepared to die for, and in which infinite layers of history are embedded. This is a poetic act that is also political. An act that inspires inspirational thoughts about time, life, the holiness of earth and the future of Jerusalem—a city of the past.  

Performance time: 6:00-10:00pm, the rest of the time the earth will breathe by itself.