The refuge roof pivots around two basic actions: looking and listening. Its great height, strategic location, and the view laid out below invite us to look and listen to the city in a different way. A specially devised system of satellite dishes equipped with smart microphones amplifies the sounds of the city, and some high quality binoculars brings what is distant closer.


This is a quieter roof. Serene. Almost bashful. With no illusions of grandeur and is just as it came into the world.


In addition, situated on the roof is an artwork by Alona Rodeh “Tlazolteotl’s homecoming.” Tlazolteotl is an ancient Aztec goddess associated, primarily, with sexuality, sins and adultery. However, she is also associated with purification and thus proves that life is complicated, that there is no one moral truth, and that it is possible to live with seemingly contradictory morals.


The goddess, stands quietly on the roof, looks around her and every now and then smoke blows out of her large nostrils. Maybe out of anger, maybe as a sign of identification with the volcano that is next to her, maybe because it’s an old habit that has just stuck with her…