The Galazia roofs are a collection of interconnected roofs above the markets of the Muslim Quarter with a panoramic view, which conjoin different quarters of the Old City. It is no coincidence that hundreds of tourists, residents, believers of all kinds and parkourers (a new urban extreme sport) pass over them every day.


One hundred colorful flags will be flown ceremoniously at sunset and fill the roof with shadows. When the sun sets the flags will be folded and only flown again the next day.

100 completely fabricated and exaggeratedly colorful flags in a variety of duplicated shapes, which seem to derive from different cultures, but in fact, have no specific cultural, national or ideological allegiance.  Flying the flags in the heart of a conflict zone, in a city that throughout history has been associated with war and occupation by legions, regiments, knights, armies, Greeks, Romans, Muslims, Crusaders, monarchs, Turks, Englishmen, Arabs and Jews, robs the flag of its primary role. These flags, which fly in front of the golden dome, call for change, a mix of identities and the creation of new possibilities in history’s backyard.


Throughout the performance, artist and musician, Itai Ben Nun, will charge the area with layers of sound from a variety of different instruments, from prerecorded street sounds and from an assortment of sounds that he has collected over the years, in Jerusalem.