“Welcome to the Balcony: New Urbanism – Roof Culture.” This is what the sign greeting visitors at the top of the staircase in Clal Center says in six languages. Two years ago there was nothing here, and now there is a beautiful and dynamic roof; an abandoned roof that has turned into a heavenly roof and is open to the public and the heart of the Muslala Group – a community that works on the roof. In 2014, Muslala chose to take up residence in a building: an abandoned space on a vast roof. The roof proved to be fertile ground for the realization of dreams of a flourishing roof in the heart of the city with trees, bees and flowers—a space for people, earth and the community. We invite you to come, meet, be our guests, play in the children’s area, relax in one of the magical corners on the roof, ask questions, suggest ideas, or just sit quietly and let the spirit of the place do its work.


Opening hours:

5:00-11:00pm Holy space of the Earth People

5:00 / 7:00pm Tours of the roof

5:00-7:30pm Meeting with bee expert, Yossi Aud in the Propolis Center

5:00-8:00pm Children’s Area- “Dome Play Area.”

8:00pm A different event every evening: swing party, jam, film screenings—try a little spontaneity.