On the 14th floor of Clal Center, the city’s roofs are spread before you. Antennas, solar panels, water tanks, pipes, tiles and the rest of the infrastructure.  The fringes, into which very little effort or inspiration has been invested, are neglected. Against this backdrop, artist, Ayala Landow, paints larger than life experiences that span different historical periods—a collection of stunning textures with wild and extravagant colors that border on the audacious.

The images in the installation were inspired by the decorative patterns of rugs from other cultures and times, as well images from Clal Center and its environs. Commercial signs, store products and abstract presentations of architectural images. Ayala will continue to expand the installation throughout the exhibition by filling the roof with colorful carpets created on-site and in collaboration with the audience.

Every day from 5:00-8:00pm, workshops with the artist to expand the installation will be will be open for adults and children.