In this historical hospital, 16 babies are born every day, on average. An audio tour on the roof the hospital gives us us a rare opportunity to spend a half an hour on this unique building and in a pulsating thoroughfare of the city.


For what would we like to ask forgiveness from the babies that were born into this contemporary Jerusalem—Israeli reality, next to the busiest and most culturally diverse junction in the city? For what would we like to ask forgiveness from our surroundings and ourselves in a rare moment of spiritual contemplation?


Climbing up to the roof allows us to leave behind, for a moment, the daily reality, to breathe, to expand our perspective and to see the full picture. Weaved into the requests for forgiveness that are whispered into the listeners ears are historical details about the venue alongside more personal thoughts about taking responsibility for our choices, which shape the reality into which we bring new life. The accumulating requests for forgiveness evolve into ongoing thoughts about the city, the things that we don’t see, don’t talk about or try to ignore and end with a request to be reborn, purer, more forgiving and to be forgiven.


Sound: Asaf Almog

Video art: Ezri Kidhar, Video Editor: Robin Grunwald


The work was an adaptation of the work: I Would Like to Say Sorry that was performed in 2006 for NRLA Glazggo by A2 Company