Jerusalem is our holy of holies: both our inspiration and our artwork, both the chief protagonist and the set. It is the dream and the reality. Its beauty mesmerizes us but its ugliness doesn’t escape us for a moment. For us, Jerusalem is a state of consciousness. We are constantly trying to touch its inner soul and holiness, to grapple with its challenges and needs, and to heal its deep, gaping wound.

Noam Chojnowski and Yair Meyuhas

All of our artistic creations derive from Jerusalem. They draw their inspiration from it, respond to it, embrace its essence, glow in its light, or expose its darker sides. All of our creativity, in the realm of art and culture and in any others, derives from our desire and obligation to create art that emerges from reality and influences it in return.

With the help of our annual summer arts festival and numerous other activities, we try to take an alternative and more open look at reality. We try to replace fixed, pre-determined ideas with a less judgmental and multifaceted approach to the exact same reality. We try to elevate our gaze, to dissolve boundaries, to generate empathy, and to open our hearts and minds. We try to remember, always, that Jerusalem conquers us, liberates us, and enables us to unite around a common love for the city.

This year, as everyone around us marks 50 years since the Six Day War, we offer you a festival that draws its inspiration from the daily reality in Jerusalem, the people who live here, and the fascinating processes that unfold in and around it. The festival, which expands your mind and curates reality through meticulously produced artworks, tries, as much as possible, to impact that same reality.

During the four weeks of Mekudeshet 2017—and actually at any given moment—we try to go back to our roots, to the spring or the heart of the city, and to call on everyone who believes—no matter what—to come to Jerusalem, to come find themselves within Jerusalem, to come in peace.